National Library of Israel's shop

The National Library's e-shop offers a range of items and services through a convenient up to date website.

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    The Land of Canaan, an oriented map, with the names of the tribes, Wittenberg, 1670
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    The Wailing Wall, a photochrom print
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    Sefer Evronot - a treatise on the Jewish Calendar
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    The Book of Esther, 18th century


Tickets for Cultural Events

You can purchase tickets for events which take place at the library. Follow the cultural events calendar which includes concerts, lectures and more.

Gifts and Souvenirs

Find prints of old maps, catalogs of exhibitions that  take place at the library, reproductions of ketubbot, manuscripts, as well as prints from the library's photographic collection.

Photos, Scans, Remote Loans

Photos, Scans, Remote Loans

The Library provides a wide range of services including locating and borrowing books from other libraries in Israel or abroad, photocopying and scanning manuscripts.